Tuesday, May 22, 2007

In the Beginning

In the beginning when I decided to start another blog, I wanted it to be something more interesting than my daily ramblings.

I've been an avid stalker of Anna's Cookie Madness blog since seeing her win the Pillsbury bake-off. She really has inspired me to get cooking again and well, blogging about it.

My extended family is fairly sick of me emailing them recipes and calling with "you've got to try this" or "did you see *insert food network star of choice* today?" My 3 yo gets excited when Rachael Ray comes on and went into hysterics when she saw a cracker box with her picture at the store. And, then my 8 yo discovered Good Eats. It's become a nightly ritual for us now.

She's asking me if we can make things together. And any time I cook with one child, the other four want to be involved. Yes, even the baby. She's at that age where I can't be 2 feet from her. So there I am with a baby on my hip, barefoot in my kitchen directing the children how to cook. It was then I had the epiphany that THIS is what I needed to blog about. My discoveries about mothering, cooking with the kids and all the things we are learning.

here you'll find recipes and probably some experiments, too, as we're doing home summer school this year. The kids want some sort of science lab in the kitchen. don't be surprised if you find instructions for weird experiments, here, too.

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