Monday, June 4, 2007

A dessert you can skip

I'm all about sharing failures as much as successes when it comes to cooking. This one, while the kids loved it, the adults were gagging.

I bought some of those new strawberry flavored marshmallows and used them in rice crispy treats. I had a bad feeling about it the minute I opened the bag of marshmallows. They had that overpowering fakey strawberry smell that I usually associate with that berry flavored monster cereal.

It tasted like fake powdery strawberries instead of the juicy strawberry flavor I envisioned. Blech. total let down.

I think if I want strawberry crispy treats again, I'm going to add dehydrated strawberries as I mix it up.

I've been pondering trying crispy treats with the coconut marshmallows, but dang it, I buy a bag and they never quite make it home.

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